After a strong storm hits your area, there is a good chance that your roof has sustained damage. The problem is that evaluating your roof’s condition can be challenging, especially if you have a steep or high roof. However, neglecting an immediate storm damage inspection for your roof can cost you more down the road since the damage could worsen over time.

Johnson Exteriors provides quick and very detailed storm damage inspection services. Our team of certified storm damage inspectors will personally visit your home to determine the extent of the storm damage you have if any. We have experience with residential roofs and have experience working with hundreds of satisfied clients all over the greater Minneapolis/Twin City area.

How a Storm Can Damage Your Roof

Damaged roof caused by a fallen tree, wind, and hailstorm

A strong storm can bring high-straight line winds and torrential rain. The force from the powerful winds can easily tear away your roof’s shingles, and siding along with pushing or forcing rain down your drain pipes or under your shingles. If the amount of rainwater is too much for your gutters to handle, the water can also get backed up or sneak into areas of the inside of your home and cause interior water issues.

However, storm damage is not limited to water-damaged roofs and wind damaged roofs. Your roof can sustain damage from other sources, such as:

  •       The impact from flying debris: If you have trees on your property, it is common for fallen branches to cause roof damage. However, if the storm is severe enough, whole trees can topple over and land on your roof.
  •       Hail damage: If you live in an area with regular hailstorms, you know how much damage hail inflicts, no matter the size of the Hailstones. Dents on your roof shingles, gutters, roof vents, and skylights are common after a hailstorm.
  •   Ice and snow damage: If a snowstorm hits your home, you must deal with the weight of snow on your roof. If the snow piles up too quickly or melts and refreezes on your roof, your roof can sag, break under the enormous pressure or the ice can create an ice dam that will cause interior leakage.

Storm Damage Inspection Steps

After you call, we will immediately send a certified storm damage inspector to your home. Our technicians follow a standardized checklist to ensure a thorough evaluation of your properties exterior and roof.

Some of the steps include:

  •       Full inspection of all 4 elevations of your properties exterior
  •       Full inspection of your roof and it’s components
  •       We take numerous photos along with explaining on the photos what we are looking at
  •       A complete inspection of your roofs attic to check for any water intrusion through the decking, insulation depth, and to make sure things look normal

After completing our inspection, we will review our findings with the homeowner along with sending them a link of the photos we took. We will also discuss a suggested course of action for the repairs (if any are needed) and the estimated costs.

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Damage Inspection After a Storm

Experienced & Best Quality Storm Damage Inspection Services

It’s critical to your health, safety, and peace of mind to understand the benefits of working with a certified storm damage inspector. We bring years of experience to the table to give you the best quality storm damage inspection services you deserve.

Assessing Unseen Damage

Spotting the minor signs of storm damage can be difficult for the untrained eye, particularly regarding water damage. While you inspect your roof’s storm damage on your own, there is a good chance you might miss the minor issues.

The problem with missing these small issues is that they will worsen over time, and you might not be aware until it’s too late. Eventually, you could spend more to resolve these issues than if you spotted them early on.

Nipping Problems in the Bud

A trained storm damage inspector can quickly spot all storm damage, whether big or small. Once a problem arises, our contractors can immediately note down the problem and work on the necessary solution. You can only get a detailed storm damage report if you work with a professional from the beginning.

The Right Equipment

Whenever our technicians handle a storm damage inspection project, we ensure they bring all the necessary tools and equipment to perform the inspection safely and efficiently. Our tools include shingle thickness gauges, and drones(for steep roofs) to inspect every surface of your roof. We train our technicians in spotting the signs and symptoms of all types of storm damage.

Transparent, Comprehensive, and Understandable Reports

During the storm damage inspection, our technician will take pictures and videos to document the damage on your roof and exterior. We will present all our findings in a report to help you understand the extent of the damage. A thorough report will be your best tool in filing a successful storm damage insurance claim.

Our Storm Damage Insurance Claim Service

We take pride in one of our most popular services: storm damage insurance restoration.

When you file for storm damage insurance, you can easily get overwhelmed by the complicated process. We want to make filling your storm damage insurance claim as smooth and hassle-free as possible for you.

As members of the Minnesota community, we know what you need to file a storm damage insurance claim successfully. We have great relationships with the various insurance providers in Minnesota, which can help facilitate the claims process.

After experiencing storm damage, the first step to filing your claim is having our trained Tech assist you with calling your insurance representative. We need to inform them of your situation and let them know you have damage to your property.

Afterward, we will make sure to gather all the proper documentation we will need to meet the adjuster at your property. We know how to create a thorough storm damage report that will put you in the best position for compensation. We can even help schedule a meeting time with the claims adjuster at your property to further solidify your insurance claim.

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