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While many of the challenges in Minneapolis’s winter season can be difficult, ice dams may be the most dangerous. The slope of your roof and the weight of the ice means that too much ice buildup can lead to roof leaks or even be legitimately hazardous without proper roof ice removal. Johnson Exterior knows precisely how to ensure that your household is safe from the dangers of ice dams by providing ice dam removal service.

Large Ice Dams on a Minneapolis home that hired Johnson Exteriors to remove

What are Ice Dams?

An ice dam forms when snow and ice build up on your roof to the point that it blocks water drainage. Without ice dam removal service, this leads to further ice building up behind the dam, leading to a dangerous amount of weight perched on the edge of your roof. While roof rakes can alleviate the problem temporarily, an ice dam removal company is typically required to provide ice dam damage repair.

Wind can lead to these dams sliding off the edge, which can cause damage to property or injury to people below. In a climate like Minnesota, an experienced ice dam removal company like Johnson Exterior is vital to the safety of you and your loved ones.

Services We Provide

While timely ice dam removal is typically sufficient to prevent it, ice dams can cause damage to your roof. The weight of the ice can damage shingles and even cause leaks as it slides. To assess what’s required, we’ll start with a free property inspection to determine the damage and work with you through your insurance claim process if needed.

Our priority is helping our community, and preventing damage is always better than fixing it, so call us anytime you might need roof snow removal.

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How Does an Ice Dam Form?

During the winter time the air inside your home is usually warmer compared to the outside air. When the snow falls on the roof, it creates a barrier. When the warm air from within your home manages to escape via the roof, it will heat the bottom layer of the snow, causing it to melt and run down the roof. Once the meltwater reaches the colder area of the roof it then freezes once more. Over time, an ice dam begins to form.

Other Causes of Ice Dams are:

Clogged Gutters

Many people often do not get a chance to clean all of the leaves out of their gutters. The leaves can block downspouts and fill the gutters that results in water getting trapped as opposed to flowing through. When the water backs up and freezes due to the cold temperatures an ice dam forms.

Ice Dam Repair needed to gutters in Minneapolis

Bad Insulation

When it comes to insulation not all are deemed equal. The quality of insulation depends a lot on its R-value and is basically a measure of how good the insulation resists heat flow. If your insulation does not have the required R-value then heat can escape to the roof establishing the thaw-freeze cycle that creates ice dams.


A lot of homes have soffit vents that allow for air intake as well as a ridge box that lets air escape. The consistent air flow establishes a consistent temperature between the top and underside of the roof. Homes that have poor ventilation can interrupt the air flow and results in formation of heat pockets to form on the roof causing ice to melt and freeze when they reach the colder area resulting in ice dam formation.

Ice Dam Damage Includes:

Physical Injuries from Falling Icicles

Icicles are a hazard because they can cause severe injuries if they happen to break loose and fall on an unsuspecting person. This usually occurs when the homeowner tries to knock the icicles off the house.

Damaged Gutters

Ice dams causes damage to gutters primarily due to the weighed down ice. This ice can break free of the eave at any time and can result in a warped mess.

Broken Roof Shingles

The frequent thawing and freezing of roof shingles can result in them to break and fail causing expensive repair and replacement

Damaged and Wet Insulation

When insulation becomes wet it will get damaged and it will lose its ability to insulate.

Interior Water Damage

You know that you have an ice dam problem when you notice water damage from stained walls and ceilings as well as ruined floors, carpets and furniture. Don’t leave these problems unattended because mold will quickly grow.

Ice Dam Do’s and Don’ts

Use a Roof Rake

You can use a roof rake to remove snow from the roof without you having to physically go up and remove it from there. This might not be an effective solution as it only offers relief in the short-term. You will see ice dams forming once more if the root of the problem has not been corrected.

Install Proper Ventilation

The wrong R-value of your insulation results in heat escaping to the roof, melting the ice and freezing it on the edge causing an ice dam. Have your insulation checked regularly to know if they have not been damaged or require replacement.

Avoid Using Corrosive Chemicals

Never use salt or calcium chloride in order to melt the snow from your roof. Not only are these chemicals corrosive and can damage your roof shingles they are also toxic to grass and plants too.

Be Safe

When it comes to risks around your home, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, when the Minnesota weather has you worried, call Johnson Exterior at 763-355-4458 for ice dam removal service on which you can rely.

Call a Professional

Do not attempt to remove ice dams from the roof yourself as not only is this dangerous you can also cause far more serious damage to your roof and home. Call a reputable roofing contractor to do the job professionally.

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