Why Gutters? 
Gutters and Downspouts are a fundamental part of your house for removing the rain water that mother nature brings on a yearly basis. For every house, it’s extremely important to have the right system in place for your house to quickly move water away from your house as fast as possible before it starts to create havoc on your house. If water begins to pool it might start to create problems to your house’s foundation, soil erosion, or other possible issues.

The Benefits of having Gutters on your home

Having properly installed Gutters and maintaining them is vital when living in the northern regions of the U. S. If you own a house, then very simply, you need to have them! In fact the majority of New home builders in the U. S. are making them part of the package when you buy/ build your new home. Most existing houses that have gutters, don’t have them installed properly or they have the wrong system for their house. If the system is properly installed it has gutters located on all of the roof eves, will not leak and has NO standing water. They are properly fastened to the fascia and have the proper downspouts system attached as well.


Downspouts should not spill out next to your house at the foundation. A lot of homeowners and installers routinely make this mistake. Why have a gutter system if you are going to drain the water back toward the houses foundation. We always have an extension of six feet directed away from the house unless it is a unique situation. We used to use 2″ x 3″ downspouts but we made the decision recently to only use 3″ x 4″ downspouts because they consistently move way more water than the 2 x 3’s and they rarely get clogged.

Leaf Guards

There are so many of these products available on the market today but in my opinion the majority of them are worthless and just don’t work the way they are supposed to. Because of this we highly recommend using Leaf Solution. We are so impressed with this product that it is the only product that we use. Meaning that we will NOT put any other product on a clients house because they simply just don’t work the way they are supposed to. So if a product does not work properly why use it. Go to ‘Leaf Solution’ to check this product out.