How do I Know if I have Wind or Hail Damage?

We recommend that you look at each side, or “elevation” of your home. While doing that, take notice of any dings, dents or breaks on your siding, doors, fascia or soffit. Bryan Johnson, our certified storm damage specialist, will come out to your home to do a FREE property inspection of your home’s roof and exterior.

How Can I Know if  My House has Wind, Water or Hail Damage?

Call Johnson Exteriors, because we specialize in assessing storm damage. Bryan knows exactly what to look for when dealing with storm damage and will make sure that everything that is damaged will get covered by your insurance company.

Do I have to File an Insurance Claim?

No, as a matter of a fact you do not, especially if the cost of the damages does not exceed your deductible. That is why it’s very important to have Bryan, our HAAG certified storm damage specialist, help you decide. If after inspecting your property we have found enough damage that warrants filing a claim, we will be more than happy to help you in doing so.

Will my Insurance Company do what is Best for Me?

You would like to think so. However, our experience with prior customers has proven otherwise. It is common practice in this industry for insurers to deliberately deny claims. That is why it is extremely important to have a contractor who is very knowledgeable in this industry available to meet the adjuster on your behalf. At Johnson Exteriors, we specialize in getting your storm, wind and hail damage claims fully covered by your homeowner’s insurance company.

Read what Kurt and Tamie in Lakeville wrote about our insurance claim services for storm damage:

Bryan did an excellent job on my house, and worked extensively with my insurer to ensure they paid the full amount of the claim. I was truly amazed when my insurer, who I’ve had for over 30 years, tried to low-ball my claim. Bryan, thanks again. You’re the best!!

Description of work: I had significant hail damage to my roof, siding, garage doors, deck, A/C unit, playhouse, etc.

What Types of Roofing Services do you Provide?

Installation of new roof with valley and felt for protection.

Johnson Exteriors installing a quality, long-lasting roof on a Minneapolis home

When it is time to repair or replace a roof, there is much more to do than simply tearing off the old and replacing it with a new surface. We walk you through the entire process, starting with which type of shingles give the longest-lasting protection for your home (25-year, 3-Tab style or lifetime laminate shingles, for example).

With the harsh Minnesota winters, which include snow, ice and the possibility of moisture penetration, we use the best ice and water shield protection, plus gutter aprons and drip edges. Add in the need for synthetic felt, starter shingles, a metal valley, and quality ventilation, and you can see why we take time to educate our clients on every aspect of quality roofing.

What is the Best Roofing Material?

There are several high-quality roofing options today, thanks to advancements in roofing materials and technology. However, types of once-popular roofing materials such as asphalt and fiberglass simply don’t have the durability of today’s materials. In fact, shingles warranted for 20 or 30 years rarely lasted 10 years. Add in the ease with which moisture can enter a home, and you can understand why advancements in roofing are helping prevent water damage to homes. Shortcuts or neglect of other areas such as water displacement and ventilation also can damage your roof.

Should I Repair or Replace the Siding on My Home?

Sometimes, you might discover issues with house siding being installed incorrectly by a less-experienced crew or a well-intentioned do-it-your-selfer. For instance, vinyl siding panels should be able to move horizontally about half an inch. (If they are too tight, the siding may warp, pop or buckle). You may also discover water damage by noting gray, black or white mildew spots, or perhaps heat damage from something like a barbecue grill.

You can trust Johnson Exteriors, a Minneapolis siding contractor with decades of experience, to get the job done right the first time. We will take a good look at your siding, assess the situation and explain your best options.

More than a dozen different types of sidings are available.

Expert installation of new siding on a local home

What Make Us one of the Most Trusted Siding Installers in Minneapolis?

Johnson Exteriors has served the Twin Cities for many years by providing exemplary service for residential siding customers.

We offer a wide variety of styles and materials, from cedar to steel siding, from vinyl to fiber cement siding, we’ve got you – and your home – covered. You’ll love the way your house will look with new siding.

I love the details in this recommendation of our company by Jim P. in Brooklyn Park:

Bryan at Johnson Exteriors was amazing. Our insurance company sent a man from Georgia to inspect our damage caused by a major hail storm. He didn’t understand roofing in Minnesota, things like ice and snow barriers. This was the first adjuster of several. Brian had to fight for every little thing. We needed a complete rewrap. Roof, siding, soffits, gutters, window wraps. It took almost a year to restore our home and Johnson Exteriors made sure that we got everything we were entitled from our insurance company and all the work was done to our satisfaction. We were lucky to have a man with his experience and integrity on our side. If you choose Johnson Exteriors you won’t be sorry.

Description of work: Roofing, Siding, and Gutters

New windows installed in a Twin Cities area home.

Johnson Exteriors will help you choose and install the right windows

I might Install my own Windows. Why Call You?

Quality windows come with a very useful warranty; however, that warranty often gets voided if a window is not professionally installed. It’s a lot of work, too, just to be penny wise and pound foolish. Not only are we experienced with installing all types of windows, from double hung to slider and picture windows, we also help you assess keeping the same type of window or exploring new options that can provide better function, greater energy efficiency (and lower heating bills) or enhance your home’s visual appeal.

Why Should I Consider Installing New Gutters?

If you have even been inside a home during the types of hard rainstorms common to Minneapolis and St. Paul – a home with clogged gutters or without gutters – you understand the need for high-quality gutters. When your home’s gutters aren’t installed properly or are not working properly, it can quickly cause water damage to interior walls or can even beat straight down along the outside of your home and reach the lowest point, which would be your foundation, and destroy the integrity of the home’s structure. Moving water away from your house is one of the best ways to protect your investment so your home will retain its highest value over time.

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