How We Handle a Storm Damage Claim

If you’re reading this page you either recently got hit by some severe weather or you are just doing some research. Either way, I hope this information gives you some kind of value.

We have been helping homeowners handle storm damage insurance claims and repairing their homes from severe weather events for over 15 years. Here’s how we handle dealing with a Storm Damage Claim.

1: The Storm
Once the storm event is done and has moved along out of your area you should go outside to take a look to see what damage your property has sustained from the storm if any. If it was a high straight line wind event you will probably see trees down, fences were blown over, maybe some siding blew off Your house, and possibly some shingles blown off Your roof. All of these things are considered Wind Damage. If Hail stones were part of the storm then you will want to look at your siding for holes (if it’s Vinyl) or dents (if it’s Metal), your gutters for holes (if Plastic) or dents (if Aluminum), your deck to see if any of the finish was removed from the hail impact, your windows to see if anything is broken, your metal fascia and garage doors to see if there are any dents. If you notice any of the above to your home you will more than likely have damage to your shingles as well.This is considered Hail Damage. Now, keep in mind there are many times when both of these incidents happen at the same time which is very common.

Damage to Roof shingles from 50 mph Winds!

Hail Damage to Vinyl Siding!

2: What to do?
First, I would suggest letting your Insurance agent know that a storm came through your area and that you have some damage to your property. Second, I would then give Johnson Exteriors a call to schedule having us come out to your house and giving you a free property inspection. We are a preferred contractor for a handful of local agents.

3: What do we do?
We are registered with the BBB and we are in great standings with an “A”+ rating. We are properly licensed with the state of Minnesota and have proper Workmen’s Comp. and general liability insurance. We will make note of everything that we find that is damaged below your roof line on all four sides of your house and then climb up on the roof to see if there is any damage of their as well. We will show you pictures of the damage from the sides of your house and a video of any damages we found on the roof and explain to you what it means. We will then assist you and calling in the claim and getting a claim number to get the process going in the right direction for you. We will then schedule a time with the assigned adjuster to meet back out at your property to make sure that the adjuster sees everything that we saw. Most adjusters actually prefer to do this as two sets of eyes are better than one.

4: Getting the claim finalized
We will work diligently with your insurance company to make sure that all of the damaged items are accounted for and properly paid for so that your property does not lose any of its value. We accomplish this by remaining in constant communication with the claims department until we reach an agreement on all of the items.

5: Bringing you up to speed
Once we have the final price approval with your insurance company we will schedule a time to meet with you and go over the final numbers, what work is being completed, and get all the products and colors documented.

6: Scheduling the work to be completed
Once we have your chosen colors and products documented we will then schedule your project to be built. You will get the work done as soon as possible and as the weather allows.

7: Once the work is completed
We will send an invoice to your insurance carrier for the final payment. We have the city sign off on the permits. We collect the final payment from you the customer.