Storms are often as unpredictable as the damages they inflict, and dealing with their aftermath can often feel directionless, confusing, and overwhelming, with no clear place to begin. That’s why it’s always best to assess and remedy the damages as quickly as possible after any major storm to avoid excess worries and expenses down the line.  

A trained restoration contractor is your best option for finding out what’s been damaged in a storm. They can help you determine what materials are needed to complete the repairs, which restoration option is best for you, and how much time and money those repairs will require. They’ll keep all the moving pieces in order and meet every deadline to harmonize with your schedule and guarantee satisfactory work. 

A contractor will ensure safety, organization, and quick results during an otherwise tumultuous time. Clearing up water damage will be your top priority to help minimize the chances of mold and mildew spreading and make your home or business usable again quickly. 

Licensed contractors also lessen the homeowner’s stress by guaranteeing proper regulations are being followed based on the laws of individual states and counties, which are subject to change. They can assist in countless other ways, such as: 

  • Making it easier to file insurance claims and get the amount of money you’re owed
  • Offer top-quality repairs at an affordable price
  • Serve as the single contact point by providing clients with the necessary information and answering their questions
  •  Rely on industry connections for a smoother overall experience and faster timeframe
  • The ability to compare prices and stay within budget
  •  Reduce the chances of catching illness or disease due to unresolved issues stemming from water and property damages


Why Hire a General Contractor for Professional Restoration Services?

General Home Contractor Professionals

After a storm hits, the worst is often far from over when it comes to damages to your home. A licensed contractor will expedite the repair process, making it easier for families and businesses to focus on other priorities while helping mend a complicated situation. Many homeowners are unaware that their insurance company covers these restorations. 

A general contractor for storm damage repair can help you figure out what materials are needed and what you qualify for, saving both time and money. When in doubt, you should always be able to rely on your contractor to clarify things for you. 

Johnson Exteriors is proud to serve the Twin Cities Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. We offer a free initial assessment when you book with us. Call us today at 763-355-4458 to schedule your free consultation. 

We have 30+ years of experience providing a range of services, including:

  • Roof repairs
  • Finding the best shingles for your residential or commercial needs
  • Siding replacement
  • Various siding options (vinyl, aluminum, etc.)
  • Quality gutters and downspouts for rain and snow
  •  Leaf guards to protect gutters during all four seasons

We also improve your peace of mind by making your home feel safe again, sooner. We do this by first assessing any interior damages that may lead to bigger issues if not addressed soon before taking on the extensive and detailed process of exterior repairs. This can also reduce your overall repair expenses by preventing water/structural damages from spreading or worsening.


Protect Your Investments with an Experienced Licensed Contractor

Licensed & Experienced General Home Contractors

Our approach applies to all properties, including real estate. It can be challenging to ensure a sale with visible storm damage and unfair to a buyer who is unknowingly paying for damaged property. We’re happy to schedule a free initial assessment to visit the affected home(s), determine the extent of the damages, and provide a cost estimate. 

Being a licensed contractor means knowing what’s happening in our industry, from banned materials and ever-changing regulations to problems or delays with vendors, ordering the right amount of materials, and much more. We’re aware and on top of everything. Leave the hard part to us, and rest assured you’re getting our best work. 

Johnson Exteriors is also prepared to step in and assist with the insurance process to find you a price that works for you. No matter the property type, we believe in helping our clients pay the least out-of-pocket costs possible. Storm damage is inconvenient and stressful enough without having to worry about the expense of repair. 

Save your time and money by contacting us today. Call 763-355-4458 to find the results you’re looking for.


The Added Benefits of Hiring a Local Contractor

Knowledgeable General Home Contractors

Not only is a local contractor privy to the laws, regulations, and resources available within their area, but they also make it easy for quick service and results. Johnson Exteriors has over three decades’ worth of contracting experience. We’re well versed in the policies of most local insurance providers and can make sure you’re getting fairly compensated, even if you’ve already been denied once by your insurance. 

Being local contractors also means keeping an eye on our area’s weather patterns, knowing what storms are passing through which areas, and preparing accordingly. We’re ready to respond at a moment’s notice to mend damages both big and small.

Knowing the local area also means understanding the seasonal weather. We can assist with installing gutters that can handle the Minnesota snow and keep the runoff away from your building’s foundations. We also know which shingles will best protect against hail and sleet, what types of siding can withstand all four seasons, and other insights that come from years of mastering a complex trade. 

Call 763-355-4458 to get your house back in order. Johnson Exteriors will make sure you have the best experience possible in an unexpected situation to get your life back to normal. Reach out to us on Facebook or by email ( to schedule your complimentary assessment today. We look forward to helping you in every way possible.