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A leaky or damaged roof can make the elements unbearable even when you’re used to the Minnesota weather. Whether your roof has been damaged by a storm or worn down over time, you can always turn to Johnson Exteriors when you need a roofing contractor in St. Paul, MN.
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Tackling Roof Leak Repair after Strong Winds and Storms

Roof leaks are another common occurrence caused by severe thunderstorms. Leaky roofing happens when high wind or straight-line winds drive rain into sliver type openings that are virtually impossible to see with the human eye. These are more often than not somewhat of a simple fix. Give us a call and we can handle your roof leak repair.

The damage you may suffer will vary depending on a few important details, such as the direction, the speed and the duration of the wind. If the winds are coming in from the right angle and direction and are pounding your home and roof at a steady, continuous rate, you could very well have severe damage to the siding, gutters and windows of your property, and especially to your roof.

We have a rental property in Coon Rapids that had a damaged roof and siding. My insurance agent referred Johnson Exteriors to us. After we met with Bryan we knew we could trust him to handle the repairs. Since we are out of town owners he was the go-to guy to handle the insurance company and deal with the couple of setbacks we encountered. We were totally satisfied with the quality of work. We recommended him to a couple of neighbors as well. We would use him again no question.

Description of Work: Repairing the Roof and Siding on House and Garage

Deb H, Coon Rapids

Our Company

Johnson Exterior is a locally-owned roofing repair company that serves the St. Paul area. Our staff has decades of experience in the field and are experts at roofing installation and storm damage repair. We have worked with various roofing systems over the years and can help you regardless of the type of roof your home currently has installed. We want to become your go-to roofing contractor in St. Paul, MN, and will always strive to deliver our customers the best quality at an affordable price point.

What We Do

Johnson Exterior is a full-service roofing company operating in the St. Paul area. We are comfortable working with all types of roofing materials and carrying out all aspects of residential roofing installation and maintenance; if the job calls for a roofer, it’s time to call Johnson Exteriors.

In St. Paul, storm damage can take a legitimate toll on the strength of your roof. When you hire Johnson Exteriors, you’ll receive a free inspection and a quote for repairs, if any are needed. From replacing shingles to fixing leaks, we’ll make sure your roof is in the condition you need to be safe and comfortable in your home.

The process was good. The owner worked great with my insurance company to help the process along. Nearly the full cost ended up being covered by my insurance. I only paid $200 out of pocket. 

Description of work: Due to hail and wind damage new roof shingles and gutters were placed on both the house and garage.

Jarrett L.

We’re Ready to Help

We love helping our fellow Minnesotans, so never hesitate to speak to one of our staff members whenever you have questions or concerns. So if you’re ready to make Johnson Exteriors your roofing contractor in St. Paul, MN, or your St. Paul siding company, call today at 763-355-4458 to speak to our friendly staff and schedule a free property inspection and quote.
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We were so impressed with Johnson Exteriors and the magnificent job they did replacing our roof and siding, and repairing our garage door frames. I highly recommend Johnson Exteriors to anyone who wants a beautifully renovated home with a company who delivers on all their promises.

LESLIE O. via Facebook


Great family owned business, earning customers the right way, through referrals and great service! I’d highly recommend them due to experience, passion and high level of service. I love supporting family owned businesses, especially when they are local!

JOHN B. via Yelp
Minneapolis, MN


Bryan walked us through the whole process, taking time to explain what needed to happen, what the costs would look like. He helped us navigate dealing with the insurance company, and when it came time to replace the roof, his crew was incredibly professional, and did a beautiful job.

MELISSA N. via Google Reviews


“These are the only people I let touch my house. They are professional and deal with all the details that came up with my storm damage. They worked hard to make sure the insurance adjuster didn’t short change us. Plus they are a local business as they are invested in our area.”

ROBERT L. via Facebook
Minnetonka, MN

(763) 355-4458)