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Minneapolis is an amazing city, known for being the hometown of Prince, having the only waterfall in the Mississippi river, and for people looking out for each other and joining forces after severe storm damage causes blown down trees and demolished roofs.

So too, when hail hits a roof or a home’s exterior siding causing minor or major damage. Either way, it can turn into a big problem if you don’t find the right hail damage repair contractor to help you out.

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Johnson Exteriors did a fantastic job with our property! We had a major storm come through that had taken down two large oak trees, one of which landed on our cabin. Due to the location of the property and insurance issues, other contractors looked at the work……and left.
Johnson Exteriors took on the job, dealt with the insurance company, and made the process as easy as possible. Our cabin looks great and we will be able to use it for decades to come! Highly recommended for anyone in need!”

Description of work: Roofing and Siding.                                           

Cary M, Minneapolis

How Severe is the Hail Damage for your Roof Insurance Claim?

The severity of damage to the roof from a hailstorm depends on several things, including the type of shingle, the age of the roofing materials, the size of the hail, and the slope of the roof, to name a few.

Asphalt fiberglass shingles make for the majority of insurance claims for roof damages caused by hail. The extent and severity of hail damage to shingles are not as visible from the ground as other common roofing materials, such as wood shakes or metal panels.

The most common damage to shingles from hail comes in the form of a circular pattern that shows an area of granule loss. It is much like what a golf ball does to a green from a chip shot that is about 60 yards out. This type of damage is usually visible immediately, and it will affect the area it landed on with possible moisture absorption that leads to roof leakage and structural damage to your house. This kind of damage will shorten the lifespan of the roof dramatically.

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One of the first things we do as roofing contractors is to determine the amount of damage, if any, that was done to your roof from the hailstorm. We are able to do this by determining the size of the hail that was present at your property. This is done by looking at various soft metals on the roof and around the sides of your home.

For instance, if the hail was smaller than the size of a quarter then the damage is probably very minimal. However, if the hail was the size of a tennis ball or larger, then it’s very likely you will have significant damage to your roof and property. And of course, the intensity of the wind also plays a big part in the situation as well. When there are big downbursts of wind from a severe storm, it can cause even quarter-sized hailstones to create major damage that will result in a leaky roof.

Same Day Roof Shingle Repair Gives Peace of Mind

Another major problem from severe thunderstorms is that the high winds will sometimes lift or blow off your roof shingles. This problem needs to be immediately addressed by the homeowner or a roofing contractor, because the roof can start to leak and that can cause a much larger structural problem.

This type of damage happens more frequently than you would think with storms. Most homeowners assume that if they can’t see any obvious damage, that all is well. Then after a while, they notice a spot on a ceiling or coming through a wall inside the house.

The good news is that Johnson Exteriors does a wonderful job of providing roof leak repair with a same-day service for anyone who calls. If you see that your roof has some shingles missing right after the storm, you are usually able to solve the problem before it gets too big and more often than not, avoid having to call your insurance carrier for a roof replacement claim.

When a Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claim is Needed

In case the damage does turn out to be significantly larger, filing a claim under your homeowner’s insurance policy can be a very stressful situation if it is your first time. If you don’t find the right contractor that specializes in insurance claims to help you out, you are in for a very stressful experience.

That is where Bryan and Tracy Johnson come into the picture. Johnson Exteriors has an excellent track record when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. We go to bat for our customers, getting them the proper payment from their home insurers for the repairs, so that the only out-of-pocket expense is the policy deductible, nothing more.

Checking Roof Vents, Siding, Windows, Gutters & Roofing

When we are evaluating a property for a hail damage to the roof, the entire property has to be inspected. We look at many items such as the roof, roof vents, air conditioning units, windows, siding, and gutters, just for starters.

This is why it is important that you choose the right roofing contractor to get your repairs done. Johnson Exteriors has proven repeatedly to their customers and the insurance companies that they are a team of devoted professionals when taking care of all your roofing repairs and insurance claim needs. Read what Stacey has to say:

“The work was impeccable. Everyone at Johnson Exteriors was prompt, professional, and did exemplary work. My home looks fantastic and I am confident that every last detail was treated attentively. Bryan was an excellent advocate in working with my insurance provider. Storm damage is stressful for homeowners and working with Bryan relieved that stress and restored my home.”

Description of work: New decking on my roof, new shingles, window wraps, facia, gutters, chimney brace, and chimney cover.                                                  

Stacey G., Minneapolis

Our professional roofing and siding team is here for all your storm damage needs. No job is too big and no job is too small.

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We were so impressed with Johnson Exteriors and the magnificent job they did replacing our roof and siding, and repairing our garage door frames. I highly recommend Johnson Exteriors to anyone who wants a beautifully renovated home with a company who delivers on all their promises.

LESLIE O. via Facebook


Great family owned business, earning customers the right way, through referrals and great service! I’d highly recommend them due to experience, passion and high level of service. I love supporting family owned businesses, especially when they are local!

JOHN B. via Yelp
Minneapolis, MN


Bryan walked us through the whole process, taking time to explain what needed to happen, what the costs would look like. He helped us navigate dealing with the insurance company, and when it came time to replace the roof, his crew was incredibly professional, and did a beautiful job.

MELISSA N. via Google Reviews


“These are the only people I let touch my house. They are professional and deal with all the details that came up with my storm damage. They worked hard to make sure the insurance adjuster didn’t short change us. Plus they are a local business as they are invested in our area.”

ROBERT L. via Facebook
Minnetonka, MN

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