We were in need of a contractor after a major hail storm went through our neighborhood. We did not realize the extent of damage until Johnson Exteriors did an extremely extensive review of our property. Thankfully they also were here when the insurance adjuster looked at our property (they would never have brought up this additional damage that Johnson Exteriors had made us aware of) as much as you want to think paying 23 years of paying insurance that they would have your back... they don't! We now have our property back to its original state thanks to the diligent work by Johnson Exteriors. Any of the work that was done they would always stop by to make sure the work was being done right and they use great businesses with friendly staff. I work from home and run a daycare out of my home. Johnson Exteriors was always mindful of this and were always making sure things were done right. We are grateful for their attention to detail and great communication on where the timelines were at for each project that needed to be done. I would for sure use them again and recommend them to anyone needing this type of service. Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Doors